Aafke was working as a health care professional in emergency care when she was confronted with illness and passing of multiple loved ones. During this busy and emotional period, over 10 years ago, she walked into a yoga studio and found in yoga what she was so desperately looking for: silence and meaning. The practice of focus and flow, guided by music and movement, grabbed her instantly.

After finishing the 500+ hours Vinyasa Teacher Training at Svaha Yoga (four years ago) she started teaching with lots of enthusiasm in small yoga studios. She found her passion in creating accessibility to the yoga practice for as many people as possible. Since the Covid pandemic she has realized her dream by teaching her coworkers: (emergency care) health professionals.

This last year Aafke expanded her horizon and gained more experience through teaching yoga in hostels all over the world. She also deepened het meditation practice by spending a large quantity of time in nature.

Aafke is fully in tune with her intuition. This, combined with her experience in working with all kinds of people, allows her to connect deeply with people. Her yoga classes are always an accessible and unique experience.

Want to learn more about Aafkes work? www.innerboost.nu.

You can meet Aafke in the following classes: Vinyasa Basics, Vinyasa Intermediate, Relax Flow, Early Morning Flow, Early Evening Flow.,

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