Studio 108 is a small-scale yogastudio where experienced teachers guide you in your yoga practice with a lot of personal attention and expertise. This is what we stand for:

1. Yoga is NOT gymnastics or acrobatics
Maybe when you think about yoga, you would mainly think of pictures filled with (skinny) people in seemingly impossible postures. Instagram is filled with it after all. And yes, it’s true that some postures are both physically and mentally very challenging. But: yoga is not gymnastics or acrobatics. Yoga is an ancient spiritual tradition with deep roots. Central to yoga is the idea that everything and everyone is interconnected. This is why we offer yoga philosophy as a part of our classes. In a playful and light way.

‘Instead of using the body to get into a posture, we use the posture to get into the body’. (Bernie Clark)

2. Yoga contributes to your health and overall wellbeing.  
This means that we support you in your learning process towards (physical and mental) deepening of your practice. But not at the cost of your health.  Unfortunately, it happens quite often that people develop injuries during yoga classes. Our certified teachers help you to keep your practice healthy: through their observational skills, knowledge about the postures, anatomy and alignment.

‘Yoga is a process of transformation by replacing old patterns with new, more appropriate ones’. (Krishnamacharya)

3. Most classes last 90 minutes. 
This might be a little longer than you are used to. In our experience a class needs to last between 75-90 minutes. This way we can offer personal and tailored guidance. We use different props and the wall in the studio for variations on postures. We also offer a couple of 60 minute-classes: slower paced classes (like Relax Flow) and fast-paced classes like Vinyasa Power Hour and Early Morning Flow. The latter are meant for yogis with a bit more experience in the practice. One exception is the Vinyasa Flow Basics class on Saturday mornings. This is a one-hour class and focuses on the foundation of the basics without risk on injuries.

‘Practice and all is coming’. (Pattabhi Jois)