For everybody! But maybe specifically for you, when you:

  • Have been looking for a while for authentic, high quality yoga classes with lots of personal attention for your practice;
  • Have been juggling the idea of starting with yoga for a while, but you’re not sure if yoga is your practice;
  • Don’t feel at home in a large-scale studio (too anonymous) where you receive limited to none personal attention from the teacher;
  • Have been practicing yoga for a while now but you’re not sure if you’re executing the postures in the right way;
  • Would like to experience the difference between yoga and gymnastics or acrobatics, for example by learning more about yoga science and yoga philosophy;
  • Are recovering from an injury (and your doctor has advised you to start with yoga), but you have no idea which style would fit you and your injury;
  • Take yoga seriously but also enjoy an occasional laugh during class.

Then Studio 108 could be the right studio for you! Book you introcard here  or just drop by and walk-in for a chat.