Vinyasa Flow (Basics)


  • Dynamic class –  60/75/90 minutes
  • Flow of movement and breath
  • Much attention for personal and technical alignment
  • Sun Salutations, Warrior Poses and other postures (with basic variations)
  • Weekly focus
  • Basic yoga philosophy

A dynamic 60, 75 or 90 minute-class. Postures (asanas) are sequenced in a flow of movement and breath. Focus on dynamics, strength and flexibility. The teacher will guide you into the postures with use of props (belts, blocks, blankets, bolsters), verbal instruction and physical adjustments. In every Basics class we will practice Sun Salutations and Warrior Poses (Surya A and B). During class we will also address teachings from yoga philosophy.

This class is for you if you are looking for slower paced vinyasa flow class; if you would like to focus on personal and technical alignment; if you have just started your yoga practice; if you pick up your practice after recovering from an injury or illness; if you would like to deepen your yoga practice.

We end class with a relaxation posture (savasana).