Ten years ago, I took my first step on the mat. Yoga felt like coming home to me. As a little girl, I had many questions. Who am I really? Why are we here? I could feel lonely in that. Through yoga practice and philosophy, a new world began to open up. Through the many yoga classes, I got closer to the answers I asked as a little girl. I felt a safe place to open up more. A strong and warm community. Something I could always fall back on. The physical practice allowed me to put my mind in second place and listen to my body more. What an intelligent instrument the body is. All the answers are already inside me. Yoga gives tools to accept, to heal, but also to feel a deeper sensation of love. Above all, it gives a foundation in daily life. Yoga=Life. Step onto the mat with me and discover the power of your own inner world. Jai!

Quiet the mind, open the heart- Ram Dass

You can meet Eva in the following classes: Early Morning Flow, Early Evening Flow, Vinyasa Flow Intermediate, Vinyasa Flow Basics, Relax Flow, Vinyasa all levels.

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