Yoga is a solid thread in my life. My work in the entertainment world is busy and demanding. To stay physically healthy, I started practicing yoga around age 25. The inner balance I began to experience kept me coming back to the practice. I practiced yoga in different parts of the world; from India to the United States, Russia and Europe. In this way I gathered little bits of knowledge from different traditions, each time coming back to the realization that yoga is more than just the physical practice of asanas (postures).

I obtained my certification at Svaha Yoga in Amsterdam and with Kamini Desai in the I AM Yoga Nidra™ method in 2020. In this way I have found depth not only in technique and alignment, but also in yoga philosophy, which is very much alive and present in our daily lives. To read more about Maria:

You can find Maria on the mat as a substitute teacher in Vinyasa Flow basics, Vinyasa Flow intermediate, Early Morning Flow, Vinyasa Flow Power Hour, Yang-Yin and Yin.


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