Yoga has proven to be a solid thread in my life. My job in the entertainment business is busy and demanding. To stay healthy physically I started with yoga around my 25th birthday. It was the growth in inner balance that made me return again and again to the practice.  I’ve practiced yoga in several parts of the world: from India to the US, Russia and Europe. This way I collected small bits of knowledge from different traditions. There was this recurring realization that yoga is more than the physical practice of asana (postures).

In 2020 I graduated and completed the 500 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training at Svaha Yoga in Amsterdam as well as the I AM Yoga Nidra ™ method with Kamini Desai. This way I have not only found more depth in my knowledge of alignment and asana, but also in yoga philosophy, which is still very much alive and present in our daily lives. 

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You can meet Maria as a substitute teacher for the following classes:  Vinyasa Flow basics, Vinyasa Flow intermediate, Early Morning Flow, Vinyasa Flow Power Hour, Yang-Yin en Yin.


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