As a business owner I started a 3-year education in Raja Yoga with Samyama in Naarden. After that I decided to change course in my life and deepen my knowledge of yoga. I completed a 250 hour Hot Yoga training with Evolution Yoga on Hawaii. At Svaha Yoga in Amsterdam I felt myself completely at home. I completed their versatile 500 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training. 

Yoga is available for everyone who is interested: it is never too late to start. To practice yoga means to develop awareness of your physical body, your mind and you soul. This process takes place on your yogamat both but mostly off the mat, in your daily life. Practice according to your abilities and investigate your boundaries, without forcing. Seek and find balance. 

Start your day with a white paper and end your day in gratitude for what was. 

You can meet Grace as a substitute teacher for the following classes: Vinyasa Flow Basics, Yin Yoga, Yang Yin, Early Morning Flow, Vinyasa Flow Power Hour, Relax Flow, Vinyasa Flow intermediate.

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