Deepen your practice - Diving into your energetic body

  • Develop a deeper understanding of asanas (postures) and its variations, through use of props, adjustments and partner work.
  • Gain a fundamental understanding and expand your knowledge about the 'anatomy' of the energetic body.
  • Deepen your asana practice through the use of energy seals (mudras) and energy locks (bandhas). Overall develop a deeper sense of integration in your asana practice.
  • Discover the art of yogic breathing (pranayama).
  • Expand your consciousness through ancient mantra chanting and meditation.

Have you ever noticed this special feeling in your body at the end of your yoga practice? As if you are calmer, more grounded and a little bit lighter at the same time? According to yoga philosophy and yogic anatomy we are more than our physical body (maybe you have already heard about 'chakras', major energy points in the body). Our asana practice is our gateway to explore the deeper layers of our bodies: mental, emotional, and spiritual. The tradition of yoga offers us several instruments to deepen our asana practice and explore our energetic body.

Based on asana practice -exploring several variations and approaches of postures- this workshop series will introduce you to mudras (energy seals) and bandhas (energy locks). Further deepening of your practice will occur through the practice of pranayama (yogic breathwork) and nada yoga ('the yoga of sound').

So, if you're ready to experience a deeper sense of integration in your asana practice, join us! Whether you are new to the world of yoga (a minimum of 3 months asana practice is preferable) or a seasoned practitioner with years of experience on your mat, this workshop series is designed to equip you with valuable tools and insights to deepen your connection with yoga in a friendly and approachable manner.


I Grounding - with Sharon - Saturday, October 21, 2023 - 13.00-16.30

II Cleansing - with Sharon - Saturday, November 4 - 13.00-16.30

III Opening - with Susana - Saturday, November 11 - 13.00-16.30

IV New Perspectives - with Sharon - Saturday, November 25 - 13.00-16.30

V Deepening through Yoga Therapy - with Norman - Sunday December 3 - 13.00-16.30

Practical information

This workshop series consists of 5 interconnected workshops. It is however also possible to join one single workshop. Complete workshop series: 250 euros (225 euros for members) / Single workshop: 60 euros (55 euros for members). Minimum of 5 - maximum of 9 participants.

Good to know

All props and mats (and a nice cup of tea) are available in the studio. Please inform the teacher about any injuries before the start of the workshop.

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