Deepen your practice - CLEANSING

  • Explore a cleansing sequence of spinal twists and its variations
  • Expect lots of props, working at the wall and some partner yoga
  • Become acquainted with ancient theory about the energetic body
  • We will work on the second energy lock (uddiyana bandha) and specific breathing techniques, like cleansing skull breath (kapalabhati) and lion's breath
  • Find inner stillness and purity through mantra chanting ('nada yoga')

Ready to take a deep dive into your yoga practice?

Get to know more about your energetic body through ancient teachings. You will gain a deeper understanding of the chakras, the pranic body and the vayus. Next to that we will work on a cleansing sequence of spinal twists and its variations. Through twisting we will detoxify the system of our body on multiple levels. We will practice the asanas in different ways: standing, seated and reclined. Next to some familiar twists (like Ardha Matsyendrasana) we will also explore some asanas that we might not easily recognize as spinal twist (For example: Surya Yantrasana). The asana practice is deepened through use of props, working at the wall and some partner yoga.

This practice will activate the three lower chakras. You are introduced to cleansing kriyas, Uddiyana bandha (energy lock) as well as Kapalabhati breathing and lion's breath. Chanting of mantra will deepen the meditative aspect of your practice.


More than 23 years ago Sharon took her first steps on the yoga mat and yes, it was love at first sight! The yoga practice became her guiding compass through different stages in her life. Yoga made her a stronger, more centered and healthier person - not only on a physical level but mentally and emotionally as well. Yoga provided her with new insights in herself, her relationships with others and the interaction with the world around her. She attended classes, training sessions and workshops with a.o. Jules Febre, Rusty Wells, Sandra Carson, Anat Geiger, Dwayne Holliday and David Lurey. She completed the 500hr Vinyasa Teacher Training at Svaha Yoga Amsterdam and developed a deep love for the art of teaching yoga. Her classes are a combination of flow (in which movement follows the breath), technical alignment and philosophy with respect and attention for the deeply rooted traditions of the practice. Want to read more?


This workshop will be the second workshop in a series of five, but it's also possible to join this workshop as a single one. Mats, props and tea are available and free to use. Missed the firts one but would you like to sign up for the rest of the series? Please reach out if you have any questions:

All props and mats (and a nice cup of tea) are available in the studio. Please inform the teacher about any injuries before the start of the workshop.


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