Norman started his yoga practice in 2000, seeking peace and relaxation in his hectic professional career in the theatre as a theatre maker and director. He was immediately, as they say, ‘hooked‘. 

It still took a while for yoga to become a big part of his life. A couple of physical injuries and personal setbacks were cause to discover the healing properties of yoga. This is when the journey actually started. 

In teaching yoga, Norman aims to reach out to as many people possible with yoga, to offer them a similar experience as his own. To experience that yoga can be healing, for body and mind. That yoga is more than asana practice and surely does not happen only on the yoga mat, but also, or maybe mainly, off the mat. 

Norman offers a lot of flow in his classes, the dynamic flow of Vinyasa and the calmer flow of Vinyasa Basics. But be sure that in every class, you will always find a personal approach with lots of room for personal attention. Even when you drop by for yoga during lunch!

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