I was introduced to yoga at 17 through my older sister, one of my great role models. She took me to a yoga class in a gym somewhere in the Jordaan. And I never stopped. In yoga I found an answer to the enormous need for a sense of belonging and connection. The feeling of being able to be there unconditionally met my basic needs as a human being in many ways. While studying at the Academy of Applied Astrology, I worked at a yoga studio in De Pijp where I prepared nutrition. I discovered that a professional career within astrology would be a long haul and in order to continue to support my three daughters, it was time for a new step. Fortunately, I was asked to share yoga classes. Primarily with children, for which I did training (50+hrs) at Dolphin wellness. This was the beginning of a cross-pollination between my personal growth and my professional life. I continue to study the science of yoga: first at The Fat Yogis (200+ hrs) and then at Svaha Yoga (500+hrs). Eastern philosophy and psychological astrology continue to fascinate me day in and day out. I discovered that my hunger for connection sometimes spilled over into wanting to perform. When I developed Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2020, I experienced for myself that a sense of being truly connected begins with contemplating what is. As a result, I discovered that there is nothing to perform!  

You can meet Melanie in studio as a substitute teacher at the following classes:Vinyasa Flow Basics, Vinyasa Flow Intermediate, Early Morning Flow, Vinyasa Flow Power Hour, Vinyasa all level, Vinyasa Lunch Class, Relax Flow, Early Evening Flow,

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