People often describe me as a warm and sunny person with an intuitive approach to teaching yoga. I like hearing this description, because it shows that I've made a real connection with my students.

I started teaching in 2011, after having completed a Yoga Teacher Training in India, followed by the training at Svaha Yoga in Amsterdam. The first few years music and movement were my major inspirations. Coming from dance, I love the smooth flow from asana to asana, on the rhythm of the music. We experience 'flow', as a state in which everything falls into place.

Since 2013 I am teaching yoga retreats in southern Europe as well as in the Netherlands. Each retreat is like a journey inward. A break from your daily routine and surroundings, offers you rest and new inspiration. These journeys have taught me a lot about yoga and the depth you can reach through its practice. I bring this experience into every class I teach.

The past few years I felt a pull toward calmer yoga practices. It led me to study Yoga Nidra and Yoga Therapy with Kamini Desai. These approaches added a new layer to my personal practice and the way I teach.

I balance depth with lightness and movement with stillness, so that you'll leave the yoga shala feeling more rested, while at the same time energized. Let's flow!

You can find Fleur on the mat in the following classes: Vinyasa Flow Intermediate and Relax Flow

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