Nadine, born in Austria, is a certified Hatha Yoga and Yin teacher. After living in Finland, Sweden and Belgium she chose to settle in Amsterdam.

After a career in corporate marketing she decided to dedicate het life completely to the practice of yoga. Yoga has not only given her a healthy body (after spending many hours behind her laptop), but also more ease and peace in her daily life. She got rid of an overactive thinking mind and has learned to slow down and release. Throughout this process she has rediscovered the connection to herself. To Nadine, yoga is mainly about the process of letting go; you can release everything that stands in the way of your true, authentic self. 

The connection to your own truth and your most authentic self is central in her classes. Through her guidance you will bring your awareness gradually more into your own body. You will release tension, expectations and judgments. And you learn how to be present, here and now. All of this you will practice on your yogamat, but is there for you to take with you into your daily life. 

You can meet Nadine as a substitute teacher in the following classes: Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga.

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