As a professional dancer Gwen started her yoga practice to prevent injuries. But yoga turned out to be a lifelong learning journey filled with knowledge: not just for her body, but especially for her mind. 

In 2008 Gwen received her certification as an Iyengar teacher (intermediate junior 2). Throughout the years she has been teaching in many different yogastudios. Currently she’s teaching Iyengar Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin, Restorative Yoga and Vinyasa Flow. To her, a yoga class is a beautiful journey which combines precision, alignment, awareness and breath in connecting one posture with the other. With joy, courage and of course a big portion of love :-). 

‘We are designed to move, to explore, to flow, to breathe, to play and to learn, no matter what age. If we keep on practicing, peace and joy will arise in the mind. ‘ 

Gwen loves to inspire her students on the yoga path. She is more than happy to see you on the yogamat in Studio 108! 

Next to being a dedicated yogi and yogateacher Gwen is also a mother and professional dancer. After years of study she has opened her own practice space as Coach / Brainspotter / Therapist in Amsterdam:

Gwen teaches the following classes: Early Morning Flow, Relax Flow en Vinyasa Flow intermediate.

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