Learning to stay present in my body has been the biggest challenge in my life. I have been suffering from several addictions and a high degree of un-safety in my system, until I found the right tools to deal with high sensitivity, ADD and trauma. This resulted in disconnection; towards myself and others. 

In my classes you will find much attention for presence, grounding, embodiment and inner truth. Life will invite you continuously to return back to your breath and your physical sensations. This will remind you that everything you are sensing is okay.  This is why I bring the focus in my classes to the NOW: allowing you to slow down, observe and feeling into what is now present.  On your yogamat you will experience softness and more compassion towards yourself, even when discomfort and ‘negative’ emotions arise. I mix wisdom with playfulness, allowing stuff to come up without making it super heavy. Just see me as a ‘love & lighter minus bypassing’ and: without fear for the dark. Then hopefully you will take this practice of radical inclusion with you, off the mat, where you’re practice truly starts. 

You can meet Charlotte in the following classes: Yin Yoga,  Yang-Yin  and Meditation.

Charlotte is coach, anthropologist and yoga teacher

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