Bhakti Flow 


  • 90-minute class
  • Intermediate vinyasa practice with mantra chanting
  • Take a deep dive into the spiritual practice of Bhakti yoga
  • You don't have to be a gifted singer: chanting is for everyone
  • Experience the meditative effects of ancient mantras

Most yogis who discover mantra chanting are instantly "hooked. Over time, you will find that mantras naturally become an important part of your yoga practice. Literally, "mantra" means "crossing the mind. You will be amazed at the depth you can achieve in your meditation practice through the repetition of ancient mantras. In this class we first warm up the body intensely in an intermediate vinyasa flow practice. After this we will dive deep into the collective chanting of various mantras. You will also learn about meaningful yoga philosophy and the background stories of mantras.

Bhakti Yoga is one of the four paths of yoga and involves the spiritual practice of devotion (worship). Bhakti Yoga assumes that we are all interconnected. The magic of the universe can be found in all forms of creation: humans, animals, plants, the earth and the sky. Therefore, opening your heart is central.