Yoga Therapy Private Session


  • Promotes natural posture and increases energy
  • Improves emotional balance
  • Works to reduce stress
  • Accelerates healing processes

Yoga therapy helps release energy blockages in the body. These can be blockages of a mental, emotional or purely physical nature. Yoga therapy also helps resolve symptoms in lying, working with the root cause, allowing excess tension to be released and creating an environment in which the body can restore itself optimally.

"The body is the mind made visible"

In a group yoga therapy class, although in a group, you work primarily individually. Similar to a regular yoga class but with many lying poses on the floor, on the wall and using various props for support. Whereas in a regular yoga class blockages can sometimes present themselves or dissolve 'on their own', a yoga therapy class is specifically aimed at working towards the area (or areas) where blockages tend to be.

The group class can be booked through the schedule. This class has a maximum of 8 people. It is also possible to book private sessions on Friday afternoons or other available times.

In a private session, there is more room for customization and more room for hands-on adjustments and partner yoga exercises. These can help reach deeper layers in the body where there are blockages. In addition, there is room to work with a specific complaint or question.

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