Once upon a time in the Pijp…

Nausicaa’s Yoga journey started, beginning of 2015, in a small and cozy studio in our neighborhood. She wanted to move her body in a more mindful way. Since then, she deepened her practice in the Netherlands and in India, finding meaningfulness in movement and breath. For her, Yoga is a path of transformation and help in daily life, on and off the mat. Her passion for babies and early life brought her to support mothers in this transformative period of pregnancy and after birth. She was trained in Hatha Yoga, Kids Yoga & Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga.

She further works as a Postpartum Doula, assisting new mothers in their house, with their babies. As the beginning of life is one of the most important stages of growth, Nausicaa wants to build up the trust, love and empowerment of every mother through Yoga. More info about Nausicaa’s work: www.nausicaapenelope.com

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