Merdan studied yoga in India (Rishikesh) and Amsterdam (Svaha Yoga). As yoga teacher Merdan combines his knowledge as a choreographer, massage therapist and former biologist: ‘Through the direct experience of working with your body you will learn more about yourself. You will experience more calmness, silence and peace of mind in transforming this practice into working with the mind. I feel very inspired to share my passion for yoga with you. And to empower you on your own personal journey to wellbeing and health. In my classes I combine dynamic sequences in an intensive flow with longer-held postures. I will guide you in your focus on breath and alignment. Class will turn into a meditation in action. We end class with a relaxation pose for complete release.  

Yoga is of big importance in my daily life. Thanks to yoga I stay healthy and close to myself. Yoga offers me support, strength, knowledge and trust; everything I need is already present.’ Want to learn more about Merdan?

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