In her first twenty years of life, Gina dedicated herself to the world of contemporary dance. Graduating from both Codarts’ preliminary dance course and the Amsterdam University of the Arts with a Bachelor of Dance, she gained experience, knowledge, and passion about the movement of the human body. In the meantime, yoga made its quiet entry into her life, showing her the gateway to psychosomatic connections. For her, the practice of yoga carries the power to reconnect oneself with that which you can only feel and cannot rationalize, a state of training to touch and discover the intangible layers of body and mind. 

She is currently immersing herself in learning about the healing aspects of the human body by working with massage therapy, children’s yoga, and yoga therapy. She has studied these practices at ITM massage school, de Kinderyoga Academie and Amrit Yoga Institute.

You can meet Gina in the following classes: Yoga Therapy Group class.

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