Siobhan (artist name Shivan) is an author, visual artist, academic researcher and yogi. She began practicing yoga and meditation as a child, despite no one else in her small Scottish village ever discussing them with her. Since that time she has completed a 200hrs TTC with Green Yoga International, published a book on yoga philosophy and is now completing her 500hrs TTC with Svaha Yoga.

The yoga practice has given her the strength, discipline and confidence to carry out things she never thought possible; in her body, social relationships, academic studies and artistic investigations. She believes that yoga constitutes a way of being in the world that we can and should carry with us always. Her artistic collective Mandir also is now holding events that help individuals with integrating yoga philosophy into their daily lives and routines.

Currently alongside teaching and making art she is doing research for the University of Amsterdam on Yoga Teaching as an Art form and how spirituality can and must work alongside the Arts and Science in combatting issues like the Climate Crisis. If you would be interested in participating in her research process do not hesitate to reach out by emailing:

You can find Siobhan on the mat in the following classes: Early Evening Flow and Relax Flow

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