Deepen your practice – DEEPENING

  • Explore a relaxing and healing sequence of Yoga Therapy postures (asanas) 
  • Expect lots of props, working at the wall and some partner yoga
  • Get acquainted with philosophies and knowledge behind Yoga Therapy
  • Learn about energy locks in your body and how to release them 
  • Find inner stillness through enhanced body awareness

Ready to dive deep into your yoga practice?

In this workshop you will get familiar with the different philosophies behind Yoga Therapy and how it can help the body to heal more optimally.

You will experience a full Yoga Therapy class sequence where you will reconnect with the body and will be guided to discover and identify energy blocks. Through breathing exercises and bringing the focus on physical sensations, you will discover ways to help release some of the energy blocks.

You will dive deeper in the principles of the chakras and how different postures (asanas) correspond with different chakras. You will explore the concept of ‘granthis’ (energy knots); where they come from and how Yoga Therapy can help release them.

We will discuss the nadis (energy channels) -Ida and Pingala in particular- and how they are related to prana/life energy. We will explore the concept of ‘frozen prana’ and how this is related to the nadis .

Yoga Therapy philosophy is based on the intelligence of the body and how the body has ways to optimally heal itself. Yoga Therapy aims to bring integration between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Yoga Therapy therefore is both a physical, mental, emotional and deeply spiritual practice as through integration you bring yourself to self-actualization and self-realization.

Through several partner yoga exercises you will explore ways to use Yoga Therapy poses on someone else (or show someone how to use them on yourself!).


Norman started his yoga practice in 2000, seeking peace and relaxation in his hectic professional career in the theatre as a theatre maker and director. He was immediately, as they say, ‘hooked‘. It still took a while for yoga to become a big part of his life. A couple of physical injuries and personal setbacks were cause to discover the healing properties of yoga. This is when the journey actually started. In teaching yoga, Norman aims to reach out to as many people possible with yoga, to offer them a similar experience as his own. To experience that yoga can be healing, for body and mind. That yoga is more than asana practice and surely does not happen only on the yoga mat, but also, or maybe mainly, off the mat. Want to read more? 


This workshop will be the final workshop in a series of five. It’s also possible to join this workshop as a single workshop. Mats, props and tea are available and free to use. Please inform your teacher about any injuries before the start of the workshop. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions:


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