Postnatal Yoga



  • Sequences of postures from restorative to a gentle, attentive low.
  • Deep pelvic floor work & stability, core strength and spinal alignment, deep breathing exercises to regain core strength
  • Individual tools & attention regarding pelvic floor damage & C-section.
  • Off the mat practices for daily self-care for your and your baby, finding relaxation and balance in the presence of your baby.
  • Baby & Me practice at home.


Your Postnatal Yoga Class (Baby & Me) is built up for you to enjoy progressive practices to start your postnatal recovery and continue to add strength to your core muscles, realign your spine and stabilize your pelvic joints. We will release tension from carrying, feeding and mothering your growing baby, enjoy some relaxation and share ways to work around your baby’s needs. You will be able to practice at home with or without your baby and you will nourish the connection with your body and your little one.

Postnatal Yoga are classes based on the renowned institute of Birthlight Yoga – a UK based charitable trust that is dedicated to promote a sensitive and holistic approach to pregnancy, birth and parenting.

-You are welcome to join class with or without your baby

-Suitable for babies from 8 weeks old to pre-crawling (please bring a blanket for your baby and if you’d like to bring a toy, please bring one that doesn’t make sounds :-)).

– Suitable for moms from 4 weeks after birth, when you feel ready to join

– Short medical form must be completed before your first class

– Ground floor studio (space to park your stroller)

About your teacher

PLEASE NOTE: We will schedule prenatal and postnatal yoga classes from February 2024 onwards. If you have any questions, please reach out: