MenAsWell After: Yoga


  • A grounding session by After, from stichting MenAsWell
  • Reserved for men who have experienced sexual violence
  • A 60 minute soft class, focused on grounding yourself
  • Accessible for all levels; no previous experience needed

MenAsWell’s After Yoga for men of all levels who have experienced sexual violence, is back. These light, yin-focused classes soothe you following your difficult experience.

You’re invited to take some time for yourself, among men who understand what you’re going through. It’s a safe, caring community of survivors.

In these 1 hour classes, we focus on finding peace and restoring connections between body and mind. You can relax and gain energy to navigate your journey.

Bianka Duka guides the class. You’ll always be asked if you want to be corrected.

Sexual violence against men is an underserved topic. MenAsWell works in the Netherlands to improve support and representation for male victims. The class is free to all men who’ve experienced sexual violence. If you’d like to support us to support others, you can make a donation when you choose your payment options.

WHEN: April and May 2023

April 22 / 29 & May 6 / 13 / 20 / 27. There’s some time to chat and have tea afterwards.

Fee: Free. Please consider supporting us with a donation, to ensure we can continue to support others on their journey.

GOOD TO KNOW: Mats, pillows and blankets are available in the studio Wear comfortable clothes, preferably layers so you can be warm and cozy when we sit to meditate Make sure to book your spot in advance as there’s a limited amount of spots.


1.Buy your ticket (if you’d like not to donate, please select a free ticket ‘donation 0 euros’ here.
2.Then please reserve your spot here.