Deepen your practice – OPENING

  • Explore a heart-opening sequence of backbends and its variations
  • Expect lots of props, working at the wall and some partner yoga
  • Become acquainted with ancient theory about the energetical body
  • We will work on the first and second energy locks (muladhara and uddiyana bandha) and specific breathing techniques, like 3-dimensional breathing
  • Find intense heart-opening through mantra chanting (‘nada yoga’)

Ready to take a deep dive into your yoga practice?

In this workshop we will embark on a journey through the fascinating terrain of body anatomy in the context of backbends, the mechanics of the breath and the flow of prana (vital energy). You will discover techniques to enhance your spine’s range of motion in a way that is not only healthy but also intuitive, leveraging the natural anatomical mechanisms of the rib cage and shoulders to support and empower your back-bending postures. We will approach these postures from diverse angles, all aimed at helping you unlock the potential of your spine and body, making your yoga practice an enjoyable and enriching experience.

We will practice the asanas in different ways: standing, seated and reclined. The asana practice is deepened through use of props, working at the wall and some partner yoga. Backbends are known for their heart-opening effect as they target the fourth and fifth chakras.


Susana has a 500h-Yoga Vinyasa Teacher Training from Svaha Yoga Amsterdam. With a background as a professional dancer and choreographer her knowledge of the body is reflected in her detailed cueing throughout the class in a dynamic flow, creating a foundation for strong awareness and understanding of the body and mind. This in combination with philosophical teachings in an honest and welcoming learning environment.Her interest in quantum physics and her fascination with the body and mind brought her to the practice of Yoga, where she found answers to questions of human existence and consciousness.


This workshop will be the third workshop in a series of five.  It’s also possible to join this workshop as a single one. Mats, props and tea are available and free to use. Please inform the teacher about any injuries before the start of the workshop. the first workshop but would you like to sign up for the rest of the series? Please reach out (also if you have any questions):


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