Mantra Meditation

  • Mantras, mudras and soundhealing
  • Meditation with breathing exercises and movement
  • For grounding and relaxation, reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Accessible for all; no previous experience needed

Are you feeling off balance or would you just like to invite more grounding and relaxation in your life?

This mantra meditation session includes visualization, movement, breathing exercises, deep relaxation and singing mantras using mudras (specific hand gestures). These are known to reduce anxiety and stress and also enhance deepened relaxation and grounding. Longer term results are improved sleep and a more stable mood in dealing with emotions.

We will move, meditate and experience the power of mantras together. All of this accompanied by the healing power of instruments through sound: singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks and the voice.

Connect with who you are and what you need.



Margot Domart is a certified Sound Healer and meditation facilitator. She has been hosting Mantra Meditation sessions in Amsterdam and Paris since 2020.  Margot will guide you in a safe space where love and compassion will prevail. ‘I am here to help people reconnect with their Self and continue to heal, transform and awaken their well-being.’

You can follow Margot on Instagram @benesenses or Margot is also a talented artist. You can follow her work on

” I took this meditation class after a stressful day at work and it really helped me to relax and breathe. Margot has a very peaceful and guiding voice that goes perfectly with the music and breathing exercises. I highly recommend it.”

Emma L.

” Thank you for this new experience. I appreciated the serenity brought by the vibrations. A real return to balance. I will come back. “

Isabel Magnaschi



This session is donation-based (10-30 euros); pay as you like.

To book this session:

1.Buy your ticket / donation here.

2.Don’t forget to reserve your spot here.

You can wear comfortable clothing to this session.

All materials (mats, cushions, pillows and blankets) are available in the studio.

With a complementary cup of tea afterwards :-).