Candlelight meditation for heart-opening


  • Journey from the mind to the heart in a soothing candlelight ambiance
  • Guided meditation focused on loving kindness
  • Magical, heart-opening power of meditating in a group
  • Accessible for all levels; no previous experience needed

Dive into the power of heart-opening guided meditation in the candlelight.

Life is a journey. Sometimes you emotionally walk through fields of flowers being kissed by the sun, sometimes you’re soaked wet under cold rain showers. Emotions and thoughts come and go, that’s the law of nature. To make the life journey more meaningful, peaceful and fulfilling you can equip yourself with the compass of your Heart Wisdom.

Please feel invited to join a journey from the mind to the heart. We will start with gentle movements which will help you to ground. Then you’ll dive into a guided, heart-opening meditation in the ambiance of candlelight. You will relax, let go of tension and worries and let yourself be guided on the path to more ease and acceptance. This will help you to invite more presence to your daily life and to open your heart for holding more love towards yourself and others. Your self-compassion is your superpower, may it bring you the healing you’re longing for.

WHEN: Friday 3, 10, 17 and 24 February

TIME: 5.30 PM – 6.30 PM

EXCHANGE: 10 – 30 euros (pay as you feel :-)) 



Mats, pillow and blankets are available in the studio

Wear comfortable clothes, preferably layers so you can be warm and cozy when we sit to meditate

Make sure to book your spot in advance as there’s a limited amount of spots.

1.Buy your ticket (donation-based: choose between 10-30 euros) here.

2.Then please reserve your spot here.



Kasia Peleszuk is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher, meditation guide and retreat host. Her meditation journey started in 2016 with her first Vipassana meditation course. As a student of Tara Brach she advocates for bringing mindfulness and self-compassion into daily life to create more alignment and heartful presence.