Yin Yoga & Soundhealing


  • Deep stretching of the body
  • For grounding, relaxation, calmness and inner connection
  • Accessible for all; no previous experience needed

This class is a beautiful combination of Yin Yoga and Soundhealing. The relaxing Yin Yoga allows you to deeply stretch and open your body. After this your body will be fully open to receive healing sound frequencies.

In Yin Yoga you will hold postures between 3-5 minutes. This will open the deeper layers of connective tissues in the body. This style of yoga is a great counter to active sports, and for those of us carrying much tension or tightness. The deep opening will give you new space, deepens your breath, and induces calmness and inner connection.

During the second part of this session you will lie down on your mat to receive a healing soundbath. Everything in our universe is energy, vibrating at specific frequencies. As your body receives these frequencies, healing is induced.


Friday 24 March 18.00-19.15


Single class (18 euros)

As member of the studio you receive a 20% discount (buy a single class and use code ‘Workshop20%’ when reserving your spot)


Wear comfortable clothing with the possibility to layer-up, so you can stay warm during the session.

Mats, pillows, bolsters, yoga straps and blankets are all available and free to use.

Arrive on time (5-10 minutes before the start of class), so we can check you in and you can prepare for practice.


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