Workshop  Surya Namaskar II


  • Second workshop in a series of 4 workshops
  • Personal approach
  • Study and observe
  • Iyengar-based

“Asana is perfect firmness of body, steadiness of intelligence, and benevolence of spirit.” -BKS Iyengar

This is the second workshop in a series of four workshops ‘Deepen your yoga practice in asana’.

In every vinyasa class we practice our sun salutations (Surya Namaskar). We quickly develop a routine and a habit in moving the body through the repetitions of the sun salutations. In this workshop we will shine knowledge on the asanas of the Surya Namaskar. You will learn to approach the sun salutations with a fresh mindset and finetuning for your body through detailed instructions, playful variations and physical adjustments. 

WHEN: Saturday 3rd December 1 PM – 3.30 PM 

Single workshop: 50 euros

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Workshopseries Deepen your yoga practice in asana.

In four interconnected workshops you will fundamentally deepen your understanding of asana practice.

I – Back to Basics (5 November 2022)

II – Surya Namaskar (3 December 2022)

III – Inversions (7 January 2023)

IV – Pranayama (4 March 2023)