‘As Yoga Nidra teacher and holistisch coach I love to create a safe and intimate space which allows you to be yourself and to rest. I will guide you to (re) connect to your inner self. The practice of Yoga Nidra has brought me healing and softness in a periode in my life during which I struggled with panic attacks and gloomy periods. Yoga Nidra is an easy-to-access way to meet relaxation.  You learn to connect with, and listen to, signals of your body. Personally I have experienced the healing powers of my own body when in deep rest.  So now, Yoga Nidra is a loving part of my life.

In mijn leisure time I enjoy writing stories and poems, next to my love for drawing. Feeling and creating flow through my classes. I love to welcome you in the sessions if you are longing for a space which allows you to be you, to rest and restore, or to find this intimate connection to the deeper layers of you. I am looking forward to sweet encounters in the studio.’ 

You can meet Mauri in the studio as a substitute teacher for Yoga Nidra.

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