Since I started practicing yoga in 2013, yoga has always been there for me alongside my career as an educator, reminding me to let go when I feel overwhelmed or stressed, to stay present when I feel angry or sad, and to keep grounded whenever there’s a rush of excitement. I was fascinated by the philosophy of yoga and inspired by great Yoga Sivananda teachers.

I was first acquainted with prenatal yoga during my pregnancy with Lucy, my daughter, in 2022. Due to COVID, I had to practice at home, but luckily, many teachers offered online classes, and I could practice daily. I remember having the same feeling each time- starting the class tired and heavy, but by the end, I felt so relaxed and light. I learned to listen to my body, leaving my ego aside when I needed rest. It felt like magic. I reached 40 weeks of pregnancy feeling grateful, strong, and positive in my ability to give birth to my baby thanks to prenatal yoga.

Lucy was born after 28 hours of labor. My body was wounded and needed lots of nourishment, self-love, and patience. The months passed, and I could still not practice “regular” yoga classes. But I couldn’t find any postnatal yoga classes that could help me heal (and the prenatal yoga classes didn’t meet my body’s needs). I thought to myself; how could it be that so many women can’t find any place to focus on their body’s healing while using the magnificent yoga practice?

When my daughter was 5 months old, I decided to start a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yagoy (Amsterdam) to eventually become a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher. I felt it was my duty to offer these classes and help women experience a more gentle and conscious transition into motherhood. Immediately after my vinyasa teacher training, I completed my Birthlight Yoga certificate (a UK-based organization that promotes a sensitive and holistic approach to pregnancy, birth, and parenting).

I invite you to join me in our prenatal and postnatal yoga classes to experience the fabulous journey of self-care and awareness, feeling powerful and nourished as a woman and a (soon to be) mother.  

Lihi is also a Gifted Education Specialist and the director of Beyond IQ. If your child is high potential and you need advice, feel free to contact her on Beyond IQ’s website

You can find Lihi on the mat in the following classes: Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga.

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