Cacao Ceremony

  • Connect with your heart and explore your inner world
  • Cacao is a gentle plant medicine
  • Accessible for all; no previous experience needed

You are so welcome to join the circle. This is an invitation to connect with your heart & explore your inner world.

Let this ceremony be a gift to your soul. Open your heart & welcome the magic & the unknown.

Together we will create a safe & sacred space. We will tune in with the energy of the cacao and allow the medicine to open our heart and guide us through a deep inner journey.

Hélène and her drums will guide you into a channeled meditation to invite you to come to an open and relaxed state. Awaken your senses, access your inner guidance and remember how to see & feel with your eyes closed:  third eye open. You are welcome as you are, as you have been, and as you will become.

Every cacao ceremony is unique and different.


The Power of Cacao

Cacao is a beautiful and gentle plant medicine.
She, the cacao spirit, is there to support you, hold you and show you a way. Only with love and gentleness, only with your permission.
She will invite you to open your heart, to connect with your creativity & intuition and guide you through an inner journey.
On a more practical level, Cacao is a superfood, one of the highest natural sources of antioxidants and one of the highest sources of magnesium known to man. It contains calcium and magnesium in perfect ratios that are fully absorbable by the body. It is high in an extensive number of vitamins and minerals.

WHEN: 2nd April 14:00 – 16:00 (Please make sure to arrive 10 to 15 min before the start of the ceremony)
WHAT TO BRING: Comfortable clothes, a bottle of water, a notebook and a pen
OPTIONAL: You are welcome to bring a sacred object to add to the altar: a picture, crystals, a piece of jewelry, flowers, ….


It is best to not drink coffee on the day of the ceremony and to avoid eating two hours prior to the ceremony to be able to fully connect with the cacao.
If you are on antidepressants, listen to your body, it’s recommended to not drink more than a few sips of the cacao (cacao and antidepressants do not mix well and can have

harmful side effects (ex: heavy headache) .
If you are pregnant (especially in the early stage of pregnancy) it is recommended to have a smaller dose.

There are contraindications for high blood pressure and heart failure, for that instance we advise your check with your healthcare practitioner.


Early bird ticket (book before 18 March): 33 euros

Regular ticket: 39 euros

Hélène – The 8 Moons (Channeler & Ceremonial Facilitator)
She is in love with life, deeply connected to the cacao medicine, her higher-self, the moon and her spirit animal. She will offer you a safe & sacred place where you will have the opportunity to dive deep into a healing & loving inner journey.
If you have any questions feel free to reach out: // Instagram:


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